Organizational Culture Communication Created Within Starbucks

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The Organizational Culture Communication Created Within Starbucks| COM/530 Mark Busby|

The company Starbucks has successfully infused a positive organizational culture by utilizing effective communication techniques with its employees and stakeholders. Since 1998, Starbucks has been named to Fortunes “Best 100 Companies to Work For “list. ("100 best companies," 2012) Starbucks list their employees as partners on its website. This type of formal communication not only makes the employees feel respected and value, but it empowers them. This sense of affirmation motivates the employee to come to work and provide the best service to their customers. The employee feels they have some buy in with the company and that minute hint of ownership will invoke a sense of pride and accountability. Through one statement Starbuck ingeniously established a strong sense of positive organizational culture with all of its current and new employees. Starbucks espouses there values through their formal mission statement and principles listed on their website. Starbuck’s mission statement reads as follows: “to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.” (Starbucks, 2012) Throughout newspaper clippings, magazine articles, and even on the labels of products in their stores Starbucks has began several initiatives that support their mission statement. For example, Starbucks sells a brand of water named Ethos, and for every bottle of water they sell so much of the profit is donated to an African community to purchase clean drinking water. Also, Starbucks began its environmentally friendly paper cup initiative in 1984, and with the help of some of their competitors to promote an environment sustainability approach. Starbucks supports Create Jobs for USA initiative. In Harlem, Starbucks donates is committed to donating at least $100,000.00 to the Abyssinian Development Corporation, which...
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