Organizational Behaviour Self Reflection

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Self-Assessment Reflection Paper

For 7 years, I had been employed by AMC Theatres of Canada and had learned a great deal about how to manage a business and how to deal with guest concerns as well as employee concerns. What started out as a part-time job as a teenager, as well as a way to stay connected with my love of movies, I had rapidly progressed through the ranks in the organizational structure of my theatre location. My schooling was not in business, or more specifically human resources, but in the humanities, therefore I learned management techniques in a more hands on way rather than through theories. I think back to my experiences dealing with employees at work and recall situations that I handled which mirror what is in the text as organizational behaviour concepts. A lot of how I dealt with situations were either coached by superiors, or occurred through trial and error circumstances, circumstances that would have been much easier to deal with had I taken this course beforehand.

When I was first hired on as a Film Crew employee, I was very excited about starting a new job and meeting new people who I would work alongside. What I had immediately noticed on my first day was that many of my co-workers were not as excited about working at the theatre as I was. What many of my peers exhibited was low job satisfaction and responded to this dissatisfaction by way of the EVLN model. My group of recent hires very quickly dwindled within a few months of employement. The theatre industry is notorious for high turnover rates, and in some instances exceeding over 200% in a given year. The glamour of working at a movie theatre and watching free movies had quickly faded for most of my co-workers. As a job paying minimum wage, $6.85 an hour at the time, I am sure that most found other work which either paid a higher wage, or was more appealing to them personally thus resulting in their exit. Many of the more tenured employees frequently voiced their discontent...
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