Organizational Behaviour

Topics: Leadership, Management, Motivation Pages: 18 (6043 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Organization’s history and mission2
Job description3
Motivation Theory4
Need for achievement4
Need for Affiliation4
Need for Power_____________________________________________________________4 Implication of the motivation theory______________________________________________5 House’s Path-Goal theory7
Directive Leadership7
Supportive Leadership8
Participative Leadership8
Achievement-Oriented Leadership_______________________________________________8 Subordinate Characteristics____________________________________________________8 Task Characteristics__________________________________________________________9 Equity Theory10

Equity at Hydro-Quebec11
Recommendations____________________________________________________________14 Coclusion___________________________________________________________________15 References__________________________________________________________17 Appendix___________________________________________________________18


Today’s global competition requires organizations to offer stimulating jobs to their employees to retain them. Stimulating by itself however may not be enough to retain employees. Employees must feel that their rewards for the work that they do is fair. Both of aspects combined together usually leads to employee motivation. Governmental organizations are often seen as fair to their employees. However, is working for these kinds of organizations stimulating? and does it lead to employees motivation? Hydro-Quebec, a governmental organization, is responsible for generating, transporting and distributing electricity across the province of Quebec. The work of some of the employees as well as their opinions will be analyzed to determine if their work is motivating. Three theories were used for the analysis: McClelland’s theory of needs, House Path-Goal Theory and the Equity Theory. Methodology

First, it was required to collect some data on the work, feelings and opinions of some employees of Hydro-Quebec. Interviews with some employees as well as the head of the health and security were conducted. The methodology was fairly simple, employees who were available and agreed as well as acquaintances were the ones interviewed. This was the fastest and most reliable way to collect data. The small size of the sample may not be representative of the population. However, the answers of the interviewees were very consistent with one another which could lead us to believe that the general feelings and opinions towards the organization are similar to the answers given.

Organization’s history and mission

In 1944, Adélard Godbout and the Liberal Party of Quebec passed the Hydro-Quebec Act. This law was implemented to stop the oligopoly lead by the Montreal Light, Heat and Power Consolidated and the Shawinigan Water Power in the energy sector. The society is responsible for generating, transporting and distributing electricity across the province of Quebec. Back then, the mission of Hydro-Quebec was to provide electricity at a lowest fare possible but also to have only one unique fare for electricity across the province. Today, Hydro-Quebec still offers some of the cheapest fares in the world (History of Electricity in Québec, 1996-2000). It manages more than 88 facilities in the province and employs just over 22,500 workers. The society also generated revenues of $12,4B in 2011 making it the most important governmental organization of the province (Annual report 2011, 2012, p. 50).

Throughout the years, the organizational structure of Hydro-Quebec has changed, going from one organization as a whole to four divisions that act separately from one another. Each division now has their own goals and management team. However, the management structure is the same for all divisions. Matrix management structure is used due to the complexity and size of the organization. It eases the managers’...
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