Organizational Behavior Term Paper

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Running Head: Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior

Table of Contents
Introduction 4
Problem statement5
Ways of promoting creativity in the workplace5
Importance of creativity in the work place9
Suggestions and recommendations10

Creativity in the work place is an important aspect as it contributes to increased productivity and economic growth in the organization. Organizations are therefore struggling to promote this creativity especially among their employees. Competition in the market is high especially with advanced levels of technologies that are making organizations to provide high quality products and services for the markets. This together with other environmental challenges that organizations are faced with encourage formation of creative working environment. This work gives the different ways that can be implemented to promote creativity in the work place and the reasons as to why engaging in this is important for the organization especially in gaining competitive advantage.

Today, for any organization to be successive it must foster innovation and be able to implement change or else it risks being overtaken by others. Maintaining flexibility, continuous improvement of quality, and struggling to beat competition in the marketplace with a constant stream of innovative products and services, is the only assurance of the organization attaining success in the market. In the workplace, employees can be impetus to innovation and change or they can be a stumbling block. Managers of organization are therefore required to stimulate employees’ creativity and tolerance for change (Robbins, 2009). Encouraging creativity in the workplace is about developing a culture of creativity where the organization needs to encourage behaviors that will lead to creativity. Creativity is therefore obtained efficiently when good organizational behaviors are established. It involves balancing freedom and structure in the organization. Employees need to be given freedom to express themselves, be allowed to make core contributions and be free to make mistakes. The organizational structure in form of rules, regulations, mission, values, job roles, and responsibilities requires freedom so that the creative ideas are used to bring positive change to the organization (Khandwalla, 2003).

Creativity is therefore related with the generation of totally new ideas or with the combination of existing ideas in order to provide solutions to new problems or new solutions to old problems. In this discussion the focus will be based on the analysis of how creativity can be promoted in the work place and why organizations are struggling to establish it in their various workplaces especially in maintaining competitiveness through improved performance and productivity (Khandwalla, 2003). Problem statement

With increased competition in the market, ensuring creativity has become essential for improved performance for many organizations. It has become of the essential competences to business performance and organization’s long term prosperity. This is because creativity contributes to employment, productivity growth, and economic development. Therefore organizations are required to deal with changeable environments and respond to challenges that come from new partners, competitors, new technologies, and new competitors in order to remain competitive in the market. How to promote creativity that will help the organization maintain this competitiveness is the problem that needs to be resolved. Analysis

It is a difficult task for organizations to initiate and sustain creativity in the work place; this is even worsened by commercial pressures. It is therefore important to overcome these problems and transform employees’ creative potential into effective creative performances which calls for management...
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