Organizational Behavior

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Business organizations have been established across the globe to satisfy different consumer demands. Each set organization has a structure and a target to meet. These structures and goals propel the organization towards development. An organization that is poorly managed is not effective and its nature of work is hardly defined. Different authors define organization differently. For example, it is defined as a social unit of people that is structured and managed to meet a need or to pursue collective goals. (Coolocan, 2001). From the above definitions, different aspects of what organization is are illustrated.

For organizations to achieve the require goals, work has to be done. Work refers to activities geared towards producing goods and services. In organizational setting, work involves consolidation of ideas, energy and reason to a achieve required goals. From the above definition of organization, a group of people work together to achieve a common goal (Clark, 2000). Organizations cannot achieve its goals without having a work force. Hence, the people in the organization are responsible for the achievement of the organization’s goal. The organization should provide the required environment for the workers (Clark, 2000).

The work responsibilities differ from one level to another. In organizations with operating units like factories manufacturing companies, first line supervisor is an important person. His/her responsibilities are to direct production workers in the making or assembling of manufactured goods. There are three levels of management, top level, middle level and first level. The middle management links the executive management and operational staff. They represent the employees upward in the organization. They also motivate and train the employees (Dawson, 1996.). Senior managers also referred to as top-level managers, envision the company’s...
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