Organisation Study in Ayurveda

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Chapter 1



Organization is a pattern of relationship through which employees under the direction of Managers pursue their common goals. It is the study and careful application of knowledge about how people act within the organization. Organizational studies are usually conducted to gain practical knowledge about various aspects of an organization. It provides structure for this relationship to attain the goals. The organization study is similar as it reveals the effect of people collaborating as on organization, under the guidance of the higher-ups. .

The organizational study is an important part of our academic curriculum. This study is aimed at an opportunity to the students to observe, learn, assimilate and analysis the objectives and vision of the organization and the functioning of various departments. This study enable the student to get a practical and the real time feel of various aspects concerned with the organization and relate it to the concepts and theories studied so far in the class room. This studies would help the future manages to face the challenges lying ahead.

Organization studies primarily focus to get a corporate exposure in understanding more about the organization and it’s functioning as whole. It upholds the close scrutiny of the market conditions prevalent as well as ongoing competition that reveals the pinnacle at which the organization has strived to accomplish over this time span.

Since Ayuveda is gaining importance in our day today life, a detailed study of an organization manufacturing and marketing is apt in its own sense. Hence the organization study was taken up at MVM Ayurvedic research lab; a well defined industry in ayurvedic preparations situated a stone throw from Kollam.


The main objectives of the study are;

1. To study about the structure of various departments in the organization.

2. To know the functioning of each of the departments.

3. To get a clear idea about product and production process

4. To understand the strengths and weakness of the organization .
5. To know the attitude of customers and the public towards the organization.

6. To analyze the origin and growth of the organization.

7. To know the position of the organization in the Ayurveda industry.

Research in common parlance refers to a search for knowledge. In fact, research is an art of scientific investigation once can also define research as a science and systematic search for pertinent information on a specific topic. Research is, thus an original contribution to the existing stock of knowledge making for its advancement.

For conducting the organizational study both primary and secondary data are used. * Primary Data
* Interview with managers, office staff and workers.
* Observations.
* Secondary Data
* Data collected from reports of the firm and company websites. * Data collected from catalogues, broachers and internet. * Data collected from ayurvedic journals, magazine etc.,

The organization study was conducted in MVM Pooyappally, 11k.m from Kottarakkara. The study place more emphasis on the process that takes place in various departments in MVM. Organization structure and management of various department of MVM are taken for the purpose of study. Sufficient attempt has been taken to cover almost all the facets of this organization and to understand the complex of factors that are functioning within this organization.


1. Time bound study for the completion
2. Financial constraints
3. Non availability of confidential matters of the company 4. Lack of precision due to the biasing of the responds

2.5 Chapterisation

Chapter 1 – Includes the introduction, objectives,...
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