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Topics: Motivation, Organizational culture, Organization Pages: 8 (2717 words) Published: December 16, 2012

Organizational Behavior Analysis
Marlene Brooks
Ashford University
Organizational Behavior: BUS610
Instructor: Gary Shelton
November 24, 2012

One of the most important aspects of a good organization is that the leadership teams establishes and cultivate an environment that is geared toward ensuring a positive joint undertaking from its employees. To accomplish this management must look at certain dynamics within the organization to accomplish superb performance level.

Organizational Behavior Analysis
Organizations are a part of all aspect of our lives; we are in contact with them on a daily basis and we either spend most of our lives in an organizations or being affected by one. A large amount of our time is spent involved as an employee, learners, customers, patients, and members of organizations. Organizations are characterized by their goal oriented behavior; goals and objectives that can be achieved more efficiently and effectively by the concerted action of individuals and groups are actively pursued. Organizations create the settings in which most of us spend our lives and they have an intense effect on our conduct. In this paper I will attempt to analyze organizational behavior while describing type of culture, mode of communication, nature of authority, motivational techniques, emotional intelligence influence on the organization in a positive manner and how the organization embraces new paradigms such as teleworking and vertical offices. Organizational behavior

Organizational Behavior is “the study of human behavior in organizations (Schermerhorn et al, 2008). Known as OB for short, this process examines employees and groups for specific behaviors, interaction on different levels and the movement of the organization in order to improve the organization and its employee dynamic. Each organization operates by a set of core values, goals and vision that regulates the organizational culture; this sets the standard of how the organization works and how the work environment and experiences are regarded by the employees. The employee satisfaction level influences their productivity which has a direct connection to the success of the organization and its culture. Organizational Culture is the “shared beliefs and values that influence the behavior of organizational members” (Schermerhorn et al 2008). For an organization to have a strong culture they must have a developed an understanding of future goals that are based on distinct values and beliefs. “An organization that has a positive environment demonstrates teamwork, a high performance output, advocates a certain amount of risk taking, and stresses innovation” (Schermerhorn et al, 2008). Organizational behavior supports supervisors and managers implementation of new ideas while noting any changes that have to be made in order to create a lucrative and growing organization. To reduce stress, keep the employees motivated, allow the team to grow and exceed its maximum potential, and to reduce the rate of employee turnover, the organizations’ behavior must be continuously analyzed. Analyzing organizational behavior is a continuous learning process because of uncontrollable and sometimes unforeseeable events and influences. Ethics, culture, beliefs, economy, relationships, internal and external influences can affect an employee behavior. Working effectively with others helps us to understand the importance of organizational behavior. This in turn helps employees to understand and maximize the benefits in change, and to strive for improvement in their decision -making and interpersonal communication abilities while benefiting the entire organization. With the accomplishment of team work, organizational behavior improves the performance of each individual, which is affected by a positive work place. Employees are the foundation of each organization and are relied on to accomplish their assigned functions effectively and...
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