Organization Restructuring Challenges

Topics: Organization, Management, Organizational studies Pages: 6 (1564 words) Published: June 12, 2012
Organization Restructuring Challenges
Mae Williams
BUS: 610 Organizational Behavior
Instructor: Dr. Leo Smith
February 11, 2012

Organization Restructuring Challenges
Organizational fluency is vital to achieving stated objectives, however, maintaining and advancing productivity requires transitional change. Depending on the circumstances, degrees of necessary changes vary from minor adjustments to major operational restructuring. Regardless of the nature of the business, meeting today’s challenges requires adaptation to environmental influences. Effects of Environmental Influences

Essentially, internal or external environmental influences have a direct affect on organizational outcomes. From a managerial perspective, dimensions of inside and outside forces must be monitored. It is inherently the job of leadership to be aware of precisely how such matters contribute to or distract from productivity. Understanding layers of diversity is a valuable resource, which enhances organizations abilities to achieve projected goals. Most importantly, it empowers leadership with proficient skills to resolve issues of conflict while developing appropriate solutions.

Internal Issues
Internal issues arise over factors related to ageism, racism, gender, ethnicity, physical abilities and sexual orientation. Leadership is legally, morally and ethically obligated to provide a workplace culture that incorporates fairness and equitable practices. Prejudicial attitudes towards the elderly, disabled individuals, religious worship, sexual preference, and ethnic affiliations are morally wrong. Moreover, negative perceptions of individuals or groups based on the aforementioned factors, erode institutional productivity. Aside from adhering to governmental laws and regulations against discrimination, diversification is very helpful in eliminating internal problems. Much of this responsibility is addressed at the managerial level. Supervisors and managers have the task of preventing and/or eliminating conflict. Consequently, “if conflict is not handled effectively, the results can be damaging. Conflicting goals can quickly turn into personal dislike” (Manktelow & Carlson). External Dimensions

External dimensions consist of geographic locations, marital status, work experience, educational background, recreational activities, personal habits along with religion affiliation. These elements tremendously affect employee’s interpersonal development and their perceptions. Interaction with family or spousal relationships also influences individuals in positive or negative ways. Academic development, spiritual doctoring and personal interests contribute to shaping mindsets. Worker performance is affected by these various components, which are often emotionally driven. Unfortunately, counterproductive experiences in the area of external dimensions invoke negative feelings in individuals that carry over into the workplace. In any event, these attitudes must be addressed and replaced with constructive development in order to achieve organizational goals. Preservation of organizational integrity necessitates amending problems evolving from external forces; therefore implementing change is inevitable.

Organizational Change
Organizational change involves strategic applications appropriate for specific situations. Achieving necessary alterations within corporate structures may include careful analysis, adjustment of financial concerns, restructuring departments, hiring, firing, layoffs, mergers and addressing behavioral issues. Implementing change, involves understanding factors that contribute to problems and resolutions. This can be complex; while some issues are common, each situation is specific to a particular organization. In other words, there is no single plan that satisfies every circumstance. While alterations are inevitable, the process of rectifying problems and/or persuading individuals to accept amendments can...
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