Organization: Motivation and Grand Piano

Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Human behavior Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: March 12, 2013

Human behavior in Organization
( Graduate Program )

Maricor G. MendadorMs.Tia Mare Ebdane , MBA
MBA-1 Professor

Chapter 5 - The Piano Builder

1.Discuss the nature of Birds motivation in building pianos. What are his drives and needs? Would a behavior modification program affect his motivation? Why or why not? What would be the effect of setting a goal of 2 pianos per year for him?

Motivation is the strength of the drive toward an action. It originates within an individual. One factor that makes Bird remain in the career of making piano is that it is his hobby and that he likes challenges which he get when he is making one. Potential pianos are a product of ability and motivation. When a person have goals to achieve it is easy for him to be motivated. Birds drive is to accomplish his goal and that is to build a grand piano. That is why he is still constructing pianos though it takes nearly a year; it serves as his practice stage so that when he build s his dream grand piano, it will be perfect. He also sells his pianos at the modest price because accomplishment is seemed as important primarily for its own sake, not just for the money that accompanies it. His needs focus in Maslow’s Higher-order needs which are the self-actualization. It means becoming all that one is capable of becoming, using one’s skill to the fullest, and stretching talents to the maximum. His ultimate dream is to build a grand piano which he haven’t done yet but want to do. Birds motivation will be affected by behavior modification program. Positive reinforcement may be used wherein it provides a favorable consequence that encourages repetition of behavior. In the case of Bird, when he is constructing a high-quality piano he experienced satisfaction and he feels that he overcomes the challenge so as a result he tends to do high-quality pianos again. Challenge will push a person to...
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