Organization Culture and Change

Topics: Organization, Culture, Management Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: May 20, 2013
With regard to organizational culture in general, comment on the link between organizational culture and change. An organization’s current customs, traditions and general way of doing things are largely influenced by what has been done in the past and how successful it was in doing it. To adopt a new culture will definitely be a difficult task. Organization culture may become a barrier to change when the shared values are not in agreement with those entrenched culture in the organization. Each organization has its own unique characteristics, a change is needed when an organization does not possess a healthy culture or there is a change in leadership which brings in new vision and goals to the organization. An organizational change can be of different scale. A small scale of change can be an implementation of good behaviours or practices which have little impact to the existing culture. For e.g. “adopting the 3Rs – Reuse, reduce and recycle practices into the organization.” A larger scale of change may face more resistance as it may interrupt the existing culture of the organization. For e.g. “restructuring of the organization hierarchy chart” One way to combat such difficulties is through cultural leadership. Organizational leaders must also be cultural leaders and help facilitate the change. This is done through cultural innovation followed by cultural maintenance. Cultural innovations are about creating a new culture into the organization by recognizing the past cultural differences and setting realistic expectations for such changes. The change requires time and effort to settle into the organizations. Cultural maintenance will integrate the new culture by reconciling the differences between the old cultures and the new one. There will be a need to gather feedbacks to make necessary adjustments to facilitate the change and fine tune to an acceptance level which will keep the new culture sustainable. Links:...
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