Hp Case Study Analysis

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  • Published : March 27, 2011
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HP at Cultural Crossroads
Case study analysis: SHUBHADIP BISWAS Section-A Pgdm 10-12 IILMGSM

HP at Cultural Crossroads
• Founded in 1938 in California as an electronic instruments

company by Bill Hewlett and David Packard.

The founders…….

The product ….

The logo then

HP's culture had over the years translated into a consensus-style culture that was proving to be a sharp disadvantage in the fast-growing Internet business era. HP needed a new leader to cope with rapidly changing industry trends. new CEO Carly Fiorina tried to take some drastic steps to improve the financial performance of HP, which proved to be a major departure from HP's long cherished culture.

HP at Cultural Crossroads
 Relevance of this case study:

 Importance of Organizational Culture.
 Role of flexibility in organization culture.  Empowerment of employees vs leadership—

execution of power.  Change in organization culture should be a gradual process.  Innovation vs tradition. Organizational Culture:

 a system of shared values or characteristics held by

members of an organization that distinguishes from other organizations.

HP at Cultural Crossroads
Lifelong employment and employee satisfaction. HP was built as a collaborative culture - not a star system. Relaxed and open culture Open-door policy Management by walking around—treating employees as family members Recognizing individual achievements & treating all with trust and respect To achieve common objective through teamwork To encourage flexibility and innovation To conduct business with uncompromising integrity To focus on a high level of achievement and contribution. Management by objective[MBO] Open communication

HP at Cultural Crossroads
The challenges face by hp way:
Retirement of Hewlett followed by Packard External competition intensified Ready availability of management—drawback--interruption in work culture Traditional culture had...
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