Organisations and Behaviour

Topics: Organizational culture, Organization, Organizational studies Pages: 11 (3393 words) Published: April 28, 2013
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Executive Summary ----------------------------------------------------------- 4 I. Introduction -------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 II. Organisation Structure -------------------------------------------------------- 5 III. Types of Organisation Structure --------------------------------------------- 6-7 IV. Organisation Culture ---------------------------------------------------------- 7 V. Types of Organisation Culture ----------------------------------------------- 8 VI. Organisational structure and culture of HP and Apple -------------------- 9-11 VII. Relationship between organisation’s structure and culture and it’s impact on the performance of the business -------------------------------------------------- 11 VIII. Factors that affect individual behaviour at work --------------------------- 11-12 IX. Nature of Groups and Group Behaviour ------------------------------------- 12-13 X. Factors that promote/inhibit development of effective group/teamwork- 13 XI. Impact of Technology on Team Functioning -------------------------------- 14 XII. Conclusion ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 14 XIII. References ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 15-16

It is vital to understand how organisations function in terms of organisation’s structure and culture and how these aspects affect the performance of the organisation in the business industry. This assignment will focus on the activities of HP and Apple in terms of their structure and culture and the factors influencing individual behaviour at work. It will also curtail the nature of groups and group behaviour within the organisations and will deliberate the factors that may promote or inhibit the development of effective teamwork in the organisations. It will also evaluate the impact of technology on team functioning within the organisations to achieve its goal-seeking activities that can motivate people to give their best efforts in the...
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