Understanding the Management Role

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M4.01: Understanding the Management Role
This assignment is centred on understanding the role of the middle manager in my organisation, and the way in which it works. The organisation in relation to its purpose and its stakeholders My College has a clear purpose for moving forward as an organisation. Our mission is to provide outstanding education and training which is primarily vocational, in response to the needs of learners and employers. By doing this we are able to fulfil our vision, which is to continue to develop and be recognised as an outstanding educational and economic resource by learners, staff, employers and the wider community. We also feel that we can achieve our mission and vision whilst maintaining the following values; • The College believes that its learners are the most important members of the College and that it is the responsibility of all College staff to help them achieve their full potential the college is also proud of the fact that it is a multi-racial, multi-cultural and socially inclusive College. • The college is also opposed to all forms of violent, abusive and discriminatory behaviour, and is proud of the fact that it is an inclusive, learning organisation and believes that all of its members are entitled to respect and parity of esteem. Furthermore, they are entitled to work and study in a welcoming, safe and non-threatening environment • The college value its staff and governors, will help them develop their skills and expertise, and will do its utmost to provide a good working environment.

I believe that, in order to understand the middle management role, we first are required to recognise the role of the people who manage all or part of the organisation. In addition to its structure, we also need to take into account the functions of the institution. The organisational structure of the college takes the shape of a pyramidal model. This is very much a traditional view, where messages are sent in two different directions. Decisions are passed down formal channels from the principle, to senior management, then directors (middle management), managers and finally departmental staff who deliver the curriculum to learners. Likewise, it is essential that information is relayed up the channels from teaching staff to management in the opposite direction. The college operates in a way which strives to provide services that people wish to use, and the way in which this can be achieved affectively is by organising the college’s resources. The college, alongside many other businesses, will arrange these resources into different business functions in order to meet the learners’ needs. The main functions are outlined in the appendix (figure1). The college has a number of functional areas which are the norm for most organisations of this nature. The first function is market research. Our institution has to carry this out in order to determine our learners’ needs in terms of the careers they want and the courses that are required in order to achieve their aspirations. This is carried out using our sales and marketing department. Once they have identified the target group and appropriate courses, they then are required to generate promotion strategies so that the learners are attracted to enrol at the college. Sales and Marketing also have an important part to play in regards to retention of our customers (learners). This can be achieved through advice on new product development, product improvement, strategies to extend the ‘shelf life’ of our marketing products, and also to make sure that the target markets are consistently being catered to. My organisations finance department have a fundamental responsibility to monitor cash flow, especially within the current economic climate. This includes recording the colleges income and revenue, and comparing these figures with that of their expenditure for their financial year. In order to keep a record of this, accounts also need to be prepared,...
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