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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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rganizational tataA) What elements of the different motivation theories (Herzberg, Maslow, etc) might be relevant in this change process?

Some of the changes that occurred at Biogen included a change of location, change in management and change in the distribution of roles of departments. Those who were most affected by these changes are the employees; because of the transition to a different country they had to make a tough decision, whether to move and keep their jobs or stay and quit. Herzberg suggested a two-step approach to understanding employee motivation and satisfaction. Hygiene factors are based on the need to for a business to avoid unpleasantness at work. If these factors are considered inadequate by employees, then they can cause dissatisfaction with work. Hygiene factors include: - Company policy and administration

- Wages, salaries and other financial remuneration
- Quality of supervision
- Quality of inter-personal relations
- Working conditions
- Feelings of job security
Motivator factors are based on an individual's need for personal growth. When they exist, motivator factors actively create job satisfaction. If they are effective, then they can motivate an individual to achieve above-average performance and effort. Motivator factors include: - Status

- Opportunity for advancement
- Gaining recognition
- Responsibility
- Challenging / stimulating work
- Sense of personal achievement & personal growth in a job In this case, hygiene factors play a role. Hygiene factors such as quality of supervision, quality of inter-personal relations, working conditions and feelings of job security are at risk when moving to another location. According to Herzberg, if these factors are considered inadequate by employees, then they can cause dissatisfaction with work.

However, motivational factors also play a role. Moving to a new location in a new country might affects an employee’s feeling of status, threaten its opportunity for an...
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