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A chance to save life
As we all know when a person dies the body decompose which depend on the ground they are buried, or cremated based on the religion that person believed. However, instead of letting our healthy organs be eaten by insects and decomposing it we can try to save a person in need. Based on donate life America, an organizational team who support and encourage people to sign up to be an organ donor and according to their information and research there are more than 117,294 people of all ages and gender currently on the wait list for an organ transplant in United states concurrently. “The process of organ donation can save as many as eight lives through the surgical transplantation of organs from a donor of recipients. Most often donors are deceased, but some organs can be donated by living donors” (Orlowski).Organ donation is not something new in America or around the global. The following information about organ donation has been found by “Timeline of historical events”, the history of organ donation or transplant has started in 1869; skin transplant was the first transplant that was ever made. Since then it have continued this life saving method however, as time has progressed and life grew complicated people have changed. At the same time disease has also increased and people’s lives are at greater risk. In 1968 uniform anatomical gift act made a change to the donation process and it has been set that age 18 and older adult can sign up to be a donor when they sign up for any kind of identification document (i.e. ID, driver’s license, etc). As we see organ donation is the solution for all those people who need a transplant to continued, now let’s face the dark side of it. As the wait list for people who need a transplant increases; on the other hand, the rate for illegal organ harvesting increases in rapidly as well. “The illegal removal of human organ(s) and /or tissue without a person’s content; generally to be sold on the black market of organ transplants” (Orlowski). My research behind these two issues will inform the audience about illegal organ harvesting and how it’s a global problem, The are three biggest problems that causing illegal organ harvesting is illegal organ trade, country with low poverty and finically unstable, and religious perspective about organ donation. As a solution to these dilemmas there are certain things that can be done to stop these. At last I will inform the safe side of organ donation and the positive and effective purpose behind this step. The conflict behind this two issues organ donation and illegal organ harvesting are that people are neither volunteering nor willing to help others; on the other hand, needed and hopeless people are doing whatever they can to support their family. Therefore, through my research I tried to educated my audience and persuade them to become an organ donor, and stop illegal organ harvesting. Illegal harvesting has been increasing in under developed countries due to lack of education and poverty. Countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and many others middle east countries people who live in the slum are willing to risk their life for money. At the same time countries such as UK, Canada, USA where wealthy people have the opportunity to freely buy an organ from anywhere and anyone to save their relative. So focusing on how the illegal harvesting has made a higher rate in the black market. According to Canadian review of sociology an article, “Globalization and the Trade in Human Body Parts”; in Trevor Harrison article he gives an overall statistic for the organ transplant he talks about time in century when the organ transplant was most need. He point out that since 1974 the organ transplant has reached the place on earth where people started to have a strong expectation to find matching organ and save another life. Not everyone have the same thought therefore the trading of human body has increase in develop countries...
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