Anotated Bibliography

Topics: Organ transplant, Organ donation, Bioethics Pages: 10 (3241 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Annotated Bibliography

Working Thesis: Organ Donors should be able to have the right to choose if their organs after death will be donated to another without any complications even if they die of brain death or euthanasia, inside or outside a medical facility, as well as laws should be put in place or an alternative method stating that their wishes no matter what the family thinks, due to ethical or moral issues, should be honored.

Organs are going to waste every year because not enough people are donating their organs. Many people choose to donate but their family members decide not to let them donate after they pass away due to the situation they are in. Different cultures agree that organ transplantation is a good act of kindness and many don’t disagree with it. The cultures only disagree with donation due to a vegetative state as being morally and ethically wrong. Many believe that a person in a vegetative state will come back to them but in reality they are brain dead and will never be able to function again. In this situation it draws many moral and ethical issues. Some say they are still living and will feel everything if they donate their organs. Others say in such a situation active euthanasia might be effective. These organs can save many other lives because millions of people are in need of an organ transplant. Family members have a say in whether those organs are donated but the decision shouldn’t be left to just them the patient’s wishes should still be honored after they are gone. The families are morally and ethically affected after their loved ones pass away and this can also cloud judgment. More organs could also be donated if we took into account the people who don’t die in a medical facility but also the ones who die outside. We need to improve the way the system is for donations so that many more lives can be saved. In the articles, they give me information that relates to each sub issues of morals and ethics as well as it gives me the other side of the story and other perspectives. It also gave me alternatives to my main question of laws being made in place of this. There may be a few gaps on how organ donation works but it is mostly covered.

1. Billeter, A. T., Sklare, S., Franklin, G. A., Wright, J., Morgan, G., O’Flynn, P. E., & Polk, H. C. (2012). Sequential improvements in organ procurement increase the organ donation rate. Injury, 43(11), 1805-1810. 21 February 2013. Retrieved from

Summary: it proposes a way to increase donation rates. They state that new measures should be taken to improve the rate of donations. The donation process should be changed as well as the conversion to actual donors and organ protection.

Evaluation: it will be helpful because it adds ideas of ways we can change the number of donors. If we change around some things in the medical field such as being more careful when retrieving organs, there might be more organs available for donation. This is a credible source because it is recognized by many different medical universities.

2. Bonnie, R. J., Wright, S., & Dineen, K. K. (2008). Legal authority to preserve organs in cases of uncontrolled cardiac death: Preserving family choice. Journal Of Law, Medicine & Ethics, 36(4), 741-751. 21 February 2013. Retrieved from

Summary: This article shows the ethical values of the families as well as the laws in effect for organ donation. This article is saying that when a person consents to organ donation it is legally binding. But when no consent is available it is up to the family to choose whether to give consent or not. It also gives laws for medical professionals saying that they are not held responsible for family members who do not want their loved ones to donate but has prior consent of that loved one.

Evaluation: this article gives me another sub claim because it states a lot of legal responsibilities and problems the family has after they die. It also...
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