Sally Satel

Topics: Organ donation, Organ transplant, Bioethics Pages: 3 (819 words) Published: March 22, 2013
A Second Chance at Life
Sally Satel’s argument in “Death’s Waiting List”, states that there is an extreme lack of organ donors in this society. “70,000 Americans are waiting for kidneys, according to The United Network for Organ Sharing” and “only about 16,000 people received one last year. “ In large cities, where the ratio of acceptable organs to needy patients is worst, the wait is five to eight years and is expected to double by 2014 “. There is no reason why the wait should be this long because any one can be an organ donor and Satel does a great job of explaining the benefits throughout in her essay.

As a previous member of the waiting list, Satel resorted to desperate measures when she considered going to the black market to obtain a kidney that she needed as well as trying a website called She was lucky enough to find a match on the website, but unfortunately he fell through. As far as the black market goes, she thought it was too risky and unsafe even though she was in a life or death situation. This all could have been prevented if more people in our country were to consider themselves organ donors. If the black market isn’t safe for buying movies or getting music illegally, then it is definitely not safe for buying a kidney. This small statement in Satel’s essay provides a shocking emotional appeal to the readers.

She brought up a great point that in most European countries, they practice “presumed consent” which is when “all citizens are considered donors at death unless they sign an anti-donor card”. In my opinion, I believe that it is harder to say no when the situation is right in front of you, than to say no when you are getting your license at sixteen years old. It is definitely easier to just pass by the opportunity to give life to someone else when the situation does not directly affect you.

One of the most popular arguments against organ donation is that it is against the person’s religion. According to...
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