Orange Peels

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  • Published : August 22, 2012
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Chapter I
A. Introduction – “Don’t throw those orange peelings!” Orange peelings shouldn’t go to waste because it plays a very important role. These peelings can be used for air fresheners, insect repellants, an aroma for relieving tension and for other medical means.

Background of Study – We chose this experiment because it really caught our curiosity and we find it interesting. We personally eat oranges just like other people in school and people in our household; so we thought of the peelings’ benefits which led us here on this experiment. Dried orange peeling is a kindling for fire and it is proven that the oil found in the orange peeling is flammable. In this experiment, we can practice being eco-friendly and being a steward of nature and we can be more resourceful.

B. Will orange peelings be more effective for fire starting than other materials like newspaper?

C. Hypothesis - Orange peelings will be more effective as fire starters because it’s composed of better chemicals or substances than what newspapers contain.

D. This experiment is important because it really is helpful to produce heat and start fire. When there are no available sources of heat/fire in the wilderness or for instance, when you are camping; you can use your oranges. And also in order to lessen the large number of waste, orange peelings can be used for a lot of things. People should be more considerable and careful of the the things they throw in the garbage because there is really treasure within other people’s trash.

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