Apples Versus Oranges - Comparative Essay

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Apples versus Oranges

Apples versus Oranges
Whenever there is a comparison between two objects that are not the same, it is said that you are trying to compare apples and oranges. The phrase has been used extensively in many debates worldwide but how exactly do apples and oranges stack up side by side? This paper will attempt to compare apples to oranges to determine how compatible they are.

The most basic difference between the battling fruit is the color. Apples come in red, green and yellow while oranges come in orange and darker orange. Apples have a thin, edible and smooth skin that does not offer very much protection of the apple. Oranges have a thick and textured rind that protects the pulp of an orange. A skin of an apple is edible while the rind of an orange is not commonly eaten.

One of the biggest differences between an apple and an orange is that an orange is usually peeled before being eaten while an apple is not. Peeling an orange is difficult since the rind is so think compared to peeling the skin of an apple. It is not recommended to peel an apple as the majority of the minerals and vitamins reside in the skin [ (N.A., Apples and More, 2011) ].

You have heard your whole life that an apple a day keeps the doctor away but what are the health benefits of an apple? Apples decrease your risk of developing diabetes. The soluble fiber helps reduce cholesterol and maintain a healthy heart. Since apples are high in fiber they fill you up, which helps control your weight [ (N.A., Apples and More, 2011) ].

Eating just one orange contains all of the daily requirements of Vitamin C. Antioxidants in oranges help protect the skin from cell damages and have anti-aging actions. Oranges are packed with fiber that aid in the digestive system and help keep your blood sugar low. Oranges are a great source of folic acid, which helps in brain development and an essential nutrient in male fertility [ (N.A., Top 13 Health Benefits of Oranges: No Wonder...
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