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Week 5 Final Project


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“Teachers have a lot to do with their students' motivational level. A student may arrive in class with a certain degree of motivation. But the teacher's behavior and teaching style, the structure of the course, the nature of the assignments and informal interactions with students all have a large effect on student motivation”(Wirth, 2007). Students may have the will to learn but it’s up to the teachers to help motivate them. Students have to be willing to motivate themselves too.

When I was in school I was motivated through my teacher’s and peers. I wanted to learn and graduate with my classmates and become successful. In school the only thing that gave me hassle was the work and the bullies, that didn’t want to learn and thought school was a joke. In reality education will take you far, you have to be focused and on the right track, and know what you want out of life.

Cyber Schooling is a good way to help motivate students to succeed especially, for the persons who believe the classroom is a totally distraction. “No stuffy classrooms, no teachers, no more outdated textbooks, and no more homework” (Stoll, 2011 pp.284). Cyber schooling is an excellent source of study that allow students to get an education on-line rather than sitting in a classroom. That would be a great idea for students who enjoy learning at their own pace. I love being able to learn through the internet, and not worrying about students that don’t want to learn. I can do my work and be focused with no distractions; it also helps to find my inner self.

The factors that can help students become successful would be “a causal model to propose in which student background characteristics and school factors be a direct influence on students' intentions and also have direct influence through two intervening variables, namely, student achievement level and student perceptions of the quality of school life”(Taylor & Francis, Ltd,...
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