Fought Through Obstacles of Literacy

Topics: Goal, Term, Regulatory Focus Theory Pages: 2 (637 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Fought Through Obstacles of Literacy
In order to be able to face these challenges, a student can choose to interact more with their professors Students should also find a source of motivation to overcome their challenges and fears of literacy. One of these obstacles, to be specific can be that students may have financial problems because of various reasons. In Math and English, individuals often face obstacles in the development of literacy skills.

Students may have problems in Math and English because they may not interact with their professors and classmates. To overcome this, a student should ask a lot of questions when they do not understand a problem. The professors and other classmates should be helpful whenever a student needs help. This “One-on-One” help by the professor gives students the assistance before or after class. Also, there are classmates, who have learned the concept before, become tutors to help others. As Malcolm X shared his experience, “Between Mr. Muhammad’s teachings, my correspondence, my visitors…and my reading of books, months passed without even thinking about being imprisoned. In fact, up to them, I never had been so truly free in my life” (27). This statement shows to students that the more assistance they receive from other knowledgeable people, the more they would understand the concepts from the educational materials.

Students lack motivation because they are not inspired to learn more literacy skills. Motivation is a person’s desire to act in a positive way. Students may lack motivation because students think that studying for a test and doing their school work can be boring. The only student should make short term goals and aim to achieve them. For example, my short-term goal is to complete my history assignment before the deadline on Saturday by midnight. Students should be social in education. Participating in class and communicating with classmates can be very helpful and develop new friends along the way. In...
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