Oppose Same Sex Marriage

Topics: Homosexuality, Sexually transmitted disease, High school Pages: 4 (1611 words) Published: December 1, 2011
Oppose Same Sex Marriage
The evolution of man began by both male and female, the two aided each other into evolving the human race through the reoccurring process of reproduction. Both opposite sex human beings are required in order to continue to evolve our race, therefore not two of the same sexual gender can do so. It begins with the male seeking the opportunity to spread ones’ seed, with a woman who is internally developed to bear an embryo. That is how the human culture has lived for about 200,000 years, (Fraser Cain, Aug, 2009). Early on the majority of children are taught to mature, start a family, and grow old to pass on the family’s name. If homosexual marriage becomes legal it would weaken the respect of marriage as well as the big picture of creating a family. As a result gay couples are adopting children because they can not have any of their own, which gives concern to the way that the orphans may be raised without traditional values, (balanced politics.org). Subsequently It is not healthy being homosexual in the public school system through junior high and high school I have seen how homosexuals struggle to cope with the stress that not only school exerts on an individual but being verbally harassed day after day by the same bully as well. Furthermore, in this paper I will discuss the three most important reasons why I think that same sex marriage should not be legal such as it will be taught in public schools, can promote sexually transmitted diseases, and gives reason to promote violence.

First of all, same sex marriage if legal will be taught in public schools. How would you feel if your son or daughter were to attend a school that will teach them about same sex marriage without your consent? In the state of Massachusetts high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools have had assemblies, seminars, and books with gay couple pictures explaining to the students how same sex marriage is legal and a normal part of society,...
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