Topics: Fallacy, Logical fallacies, Ad hominem Pages: 18 (6258 words) Published: February 14, 2013
I. Possible positive topic of the first positive side: EDUCATION & DEMOCRACY
Yes, education can be a positive or a good influence to us by the Americans in many ways. Especially most of the children are now studying in Public Schools because it’s free and the school can also provide other needs or tools of the student for learning like books but, even though they were the one to teach us the art of the English Language and literature, there are still some negative effects that this influence gave us. The Americans imposed these rules to achieve their main objective, which is to colonize and use the country and its people. Education was the most useful means or ways in pursuing a peaceful relationship with the Filipinos. Through education, the Americans influenced the Filipinos in terms of the way they eat, to love the American. Most of the Filipinos forgot their native products and they mainly criticized/supported or buy American products. Also, the old practices and traditions of the Filipino people that they used to do in the past. A few forgot to respect the elders due to the influences brought by American shows that are broadcasted in televisions. We also learned some bad words from those shows. Now tell me, have you ever said those words? Should we follow all the things that they have taught us? OPTIONAL: Another good influence yet have bad points that the Americans gave us is the democratic type of government; most of the voters vote based on personality not on policy. If a certain politician won, then sometimes we can be under the rulings of ‘philosopher kings’ and lastly, voters can be bribed, threatened etc. than can lead to death of some voters. We also have the freedom of expression, the freedom of speech but, the other people are just wasting this right and use it way more than the usual limit that makes it offending in the ears of other people. Although it’s their own opinion, and we all know that all opinions are right, but they should be considerate enough not to hurt or interfere with other people’s lives.

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II. Possible positive topic of the first positive side: TECHNOLOGY & UNPLEASANT HABITS (Mostly on Drugs)
The Americans introduced us to a modern form of art which they call ‘technology’. Almost in our everyday life, we use technology. In talking, by the means of phones and social networking sites. In business, in terms of foreign money exchange and prices of international goods. In weather forecasting, in the form of satellites and other weather instruments. It makes our life easier that people now depends on technology or machines to do their tasks. They don’t do their works because they know that these machines can do their tasks for them. By doing this continuously, this habit might result to laziness and also, even though they knew that there machines are not working properly and have no proper outlets for the run-offs of some chemicals and organic compounds, people will still force these machines to work to earn money which can lead to pollution. They will just continue to depend on machines but of course, we all know that all things have limitations right? So time will come that these objects will no longer do our work for us.

Another bad effect of technology for is our addiction in computer games, social networking sites, etc. that might lead to health risks due to prolonged usage. Also the illegal drugs like Marijuana, Cocaine, Shabu, and other drug paraphernalia that are used by drug addicts here in the Philippines which they discovered...
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