How Is a Good Life Defined, and What Is My Plan to Achieve It?

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How is a good life defined, and what is my plan to achieve it?

The good life is happy and comfortable by self. I think it mainly embodied in the following aspects: political science, economy, education, love, science and technology. Two important of these aspects is education and love. Political, economy, science and technology is based on education. Political, has plenty of free elections and the political liberty. If the people want to earn these rights, the people should be honesty and fairness. The honesty and fairness are ethics. We must be honesty when we vote something, because if we fool ourselves into believing we are not doing anything wrong, we cannot see the real choice we are making and that leads to bad decisions. If we do this, we will lose some rights. Economy, it has a lot of money so that the people can buy and do anything they want because a good life needs some material base. The money could be earned by we work hard. Only do this is not enough, we also need learn some knowledge. For example, we can use the law of supply and demand to your advantage. And we must be known recognize that time is money. Secondarily, find someone who shares your passion in your work, whatever it is, and spend time with that person on a daily or at least frequent basis. A walk is good as you chat about what you both love. In a good life, it could not be without science and technology because cellphone, computer, and transportation, etc. are technological product. For example, we can use cellphone to talk with friend and share anything. Also the people enjoy do this. Science and technology can help the people make a good life. So a good life needs science and technology. Education is very important, it let people to study political, economy, science and technology so that have a good life. In China, there is an old saying, through studying you will gain success and fortunes will follow. Reading brings us everything. If we want to learn a lot of things, we must...
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