Operations Management

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Chapter 1-17
Operations Management

Roberta Russell & Bernard W. Taylor, III

Organization of This Text: Part I – Operations Management Intro. to Operations and Supply Chain Management: Quality Management: Statistical Quality Control: Product Design: Service Design: Processes and Technology: Facilities: Human Resources: Project Management: Chapter 1 (Slide 5) Chapter 2 (Slide 67) Chapter 3 (Slide 120) Chapter 4 (Slide 186) Chapter 5 (Slide 231) Chapter 6 (Slide 276) Chapter 7 (Slide 321) Chapter 8 (Slide 402) Chapter 9 (Slide 450) 1 -2

Organization of This Text: Part II – Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Strategy and Design: Global Supply Chain Procurement and Distribution: Forecasting: Inventory Management: Sales and Operations Planning: Resource Planning: Lean Systems: Scheduling: Chapter 10 (Slide 507) Chapter 11 (Slide 534) Chapter 12 (Slide 575) Chapter 13 (Slide 641) Chapter 14 (Slide 703) Chapter 15 (Slide 767) Chapter 16 (Slide 827) Chapter 17 (Slide 878) 1 -3

Learning Objectives of this Course
Gain an appreciation of strategic importance of operations and supply chain management in a global business environment Understand how operations relates to other business functions Develop a working knowledge of concepts and methods related to designing and managing operations and supply chains Develop a skill set for quality and process improvement 1 -4

Chapter 1
Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management
Operations Management
Roberta Russell & Bernard W. Taylor, III

Lecture Outline
What Operations and Supply Chain Managers Do Operations Function Evolution of Operations and Supply Chain Management Globalization and Competitiveness Operations Strategy and Organization of the Text Learning Objectives for This Course 1 -6

What Operations and Supply Chain Managers Do
What is Operations Management?
design, operation, and improvement of productive systems

What is Operations?
a function or system that transforms inputs into outputs of greater value

What is a Transformation Process?
a series of activities along a value chain extending from supplier to customer activities that do not add value are superfluous and should be eliminated

1 -7

Transformation Process
Physical: as in manufacturing operations Locational: as in transportation or warehouse operations Exchange: as in retail operations Physiological: as in health care Psychological: as in entertainment Informational: as in communication 1 -8

Operations as a Transformation Process
INPUT •Material •Machines •Labor •Management •Capital


OUTPUT •Goods •Services

Feedback & Requirements 1 -9

Operations Function
Operations Marketing Finance and Accounting Human Resources Outside Suppliers 1-10

How is Operations Relevant to my Major?
Accounting Information Technology Management
“As an auditor you must understand the fundamentals of operations management.” “IT is a tool, and there’s no better place to apply it than in operations.” “We use so many things you learn in an operations class— class— scheduling, lean production, theory of constraints, and tons of quality tools.” 1-11

How is Operations Relevant to my Major? (cont.)
Economics Marketing
“It’s all about processes. I live by flowcharts and Pareto analysis.” “How can you do a good job marketing a product if you’re unsure of its quality or delivery status?” “Most of our capital budgeting requests are from operations, and most of our cost savings, too.” 1-12


Evolution of Operations and Supply Chain Management
Craft production
process of handcrafting products or services for individual customers

Division of labor
dividing a job into a series of small tasks each performed by a different worker

Interchangeable parts
standardization of parts initially as replacement parts; enabled mass production


Evolution of Operations and Supply Chain Management (cont.) Scientific management...
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