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  • Published : December 5, 2010
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Delos Santos, Jerome M.
BMG – 10800409
“Your Garden Gloves”
Highest productivity = 2,117 / 2

Lowest productivity = 1,965 / 4
= 491.25
There are many possible reasons why the productivity differs when the number of crewmembers increases or decreases. One of it is that as stated on the case the company hires new employees every year. It means that maybe the combination of workers is not effective. For example the best employees were stationed to work together and the average rated employees and their novices were grouped. This is the reason why even with fewer members the crew with better workers was able to have higher productivity. •Another possible reason is that the crew with two members has better quality tools than those of the crew with four members. It affects the productivity in a way that even a crew with fewer members can produce a greater number of outputs. On the other hand, tools with bad quality can produce fewer outputs. Maybe the workers who produced les had the bad quality tools, which made them commit more mistakes and repeat their task again and again.

2.One possible reason why the owner decided to go with greater number of workers is that he saw his best workers were already on fieldwork. This made the owner descried to send the crew with four members that are have low rate. Another possible reason is that the owner thinks that the crew can already handle the job that was asked for. He would like to reserve his best workers for a job that will require higher output.

3.One of the possible qualitative issues maybe the experience that each worker has. This experience may greatly affect the performance of a worker in a way that workers with greater experience know more about what he is doing. Another is that of the quality of the tools used. This may affect the productivity in a way that the quality of output may depend on the tools used by the workers. If the quality of the...
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