Operational Motivational Plans

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Building a Operational Motivational Plan

What is an operational motivational plan?
Many may argue that creating a motivational plan is strictly for the good of the employees and their needs. Well, while a motivational plan does benefit the employees, Collard (2002) suggests, "the ultimate goal of the motivational plan is to improve the equity value of the company”. The motivation plan then obviously benefits both the corporation and the employee when it accomplishes the goal that is was intended to address. This plan incorporates many aspects of motivation. It looks to some motivational theories described by Robbins. Robbins (2001) said that managers get things done through other people. The most difficult job that faces a supervisor is learning how to effectively motivate and keep his/her employees motivated. The average person when asked how to motivate someone will tell you what motivates him or her. Unfortunately, everyone is different and what motivates one employee may only make another employee angry. The method we use to motivate each employee must be tailored to the individual employee. We must offer them something they value as an incentive to work towards a goal. While all motivational plans are intended to increase productivity, only the well-orchestrated and managed plans are truly able to fulfill their intended purpose. One article (‘Incentive Edge', 1994) stated that incentives could be used in any part of an organization with equal effect.

In order to have a successful operational motivational plan, the overall picture must be clearly seen by all whom it involves. There are three major components that attribute to a successful plan if chosen wisely: the role of the organization, the role of a manager, and the specific incentive elements of the plan.

Making an employee happy is an extremely difficult task. When an employee is motivated, he or she is happy and productivity occurs. If employees are productive, the...
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