Operational Management

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Chapter 10
All of the following are the performance metric accept
Asset fulfillment

Suppliers in a supply chain are referred to as

Distributers warehouse retailers are referred to as

Which of the following is not a key to supply chain management? (figure it out) -Independence (is not)

Increased uncertainty and variability in a supply chain result in -Larger inventory
stock up if the price goes up* Uncertainty is bad, worse than risk *

One way to reduce the bullwhip effect is for supply chain members to -Share

Computer to computer exchange of business documents in standard forming -EDI

Information sharing amongst supply chain members will typically result in all accept
-increase bullwhip effect

which one of the following is NOT one of the 3 performance indicators used to measure supply chain performance

Inventory turnover (How to calculate?)
Computed by:
-Costs of goods sold / average inventory? Double check

Company produces electric motors for tredmills had cog sold last year of x and all this other shit….. If the operate 365 days a yr…. WTF?

Company produces video equipment COG

Supply chain processes include
-all of the above

Supply chain management…
-All of the above
Bullwhip affect increases
-Increase inventory

All of the following are used in risk pooling (inventory) accept.. -Encourage large orders

enablers of efficient supply chain management accept????

Green supply chains*

________ is not a perceived advantage of RFID
-Loss of personal privacy

Supply chain integration does not involve
-does not involve reducing competition

Which is not a key support indicator of supply chain management -Inventory turn

How much does your supply chain have to do with goods?

Chapter 11

When a company does best is often referred to as

_____ where websites do business to business activities
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