Operational Management

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CEMEX (Building the Future) :


In this case study my purpose is to find out main strategy that helps CEMEX to get its success in competitive world locally and also internationally. Present day we are facing many demands from the global, unpredictable and challenging business world. For surviving we must achieve productivity while building new and responsive work providing all the workers opportunities for both high performance and high quality of work life. The very nature of the dynamic, complex and sometimes unpredictable environment in which we live demand this, people change their tastes and values change, government and laws change, unless organization also change they risk stagnation, decline and even death. In that sense CEMEX played a vital role to achieve its strategic objectives as well as the environmental responsibilities. In today’s dynamic world many businesses only pay attention on its own benefits and performance. However, CEMEX gives a very good lesson to the businesses how the business could succeed while protecting the environment as well.

CEMEX is a one of the main global building solutions company and leading supplier of cement, ready mixed concrete and aggregate. Apart from this in UK, CEMEX also facilitate asphalt, roof tiles, concrete block solutions and railway sleepers. Cement was one of the key ingredients in concrete which was invented in 1824 in England. As we know concrete is the second most consumed substance in the world after the water. According to the research reports it has been stated that every year the average family uses one tonne of cement enen without knowing it.

CEMEX and its business segmentation:

(figure :01 , Source: thetimes100.co.uk, )

According to the Companies Annual Reports the company generates more than £1 billion annual sales and also wider supply chain management which cover more than five hundred locations to ensure that all the customers are receiving wonderful and quality services almost all the time. As a responsible and passionate company CEMEX is also dedicated to building a better future growth for the company’s point of view and also keep a eye on sustainability development. Further, CEMEX is a global building materials company that provides high-quality products and reliable service to customers and communities in more than 50 countries throughout the world.

Today CEMEX is one of the world’s largest building materials companies. Basically it is one of the leading and specialized suppliers of aggregates such as sand, gravel and crashed rock. The very important thing is each and every product has posses a significant portion of market share in the field of building material business. When we have a look on international markets, it operates more than fifty countries and employed more than fifty thousand human resources in their business. As we know CEMEX generates more than £1 billion sales annually and also expanding UK economy for more infrastructure facilities. In that sense, CEMEX plays a vital role in contributing UK’s infrastructure facilities.

CEMEX and its main sectors:

(Figure : 02, Source: Compiled by Author)

There are three main sectors of industry:
Primary- The main primary activities which involves extraction, processing and use of raw materials from the earth. The process of extracting mineral deposits has to fit with the UK government’s regional plan. Before anything as a initial step CEMEX has to get the permission from the local authorities for extraction. For this purpose the plan should be a comprehensive one which indicate the ways of working, restoration and also the after work of the site to ensure the quality of the environment. Secondary- The activities such as manufacturing finished goods and construction work. As a part of secondary activities the CEMEX has got three main cement making plants. Environmental Agencies and local Authorities are giving permission for these activities....
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