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Cemex is one the leading producer of cement in the world. The company was born in 1906 in Mexico as Cementos Hidalgo. The actual name was given in 1931 after the acquisition of the Cementos Portland Monterrey; the company was renamed Cementos Mexicanos – CEMEX. The company grew very fast in Mexico and soon became the first cement producer in the country but it was during the 90’s that the top management came to the decision that the future of the company will go thru the expansion in the international markets. One of the most important step was the acquisition of the Spain’s two largest cement companies, Valenciana and Sanson. Since then the company never stop the acquisition process and landed in Caribbean, Central America, United States, Philippines, Indonesia, Egypt, Chile, and many others. Actually Cemex operate in four continent becoming the third largest cement company in the world . There are, of course, many reasons to explain the excellent results and the fast growth of the company achieved from the 60’s onwards. One of them was, undoubtedly, the unique method of process integration developed and applied from the Spain acquisition and the large scale use of innovative technologies .

“When one wants to globalize a company, especially when it is from a developing country like Mexico, you really need to apply more advanced management techniques to do things better. We have seen many cement companies that use their capital to acquire other companies but without making the effort to have a common culture or common processes, they get stagnant.” (Lorenzo Zambrano, Chairman and CEO CEMEX) The PMI (Post merger Acquisition) process was developed to quickly adapt the newly acquired plant processes to the Mexican operation system in order to improve efficiency and deliver the Cemex standards and behavior. As soon as a plant was acquired or merged, Cemex built up a team of functional managers selected from any...
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