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  • Published: March 23, 2011
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KFC is one of the largest franchise company. One of the branch of KFC

consists of 100 employees. This business report critically underpin the issues

which emerge during the processes, designs and supply chain of the business. It

will also unveil that how can KFC become the market leader and gain the

competitive advantage over all the rivals. It also reveal that brand name like KFC

can increase the productivity, market share avoid wastage. How can it become

the cost effective specially, in this highly competitive environment.


According to the (Mintzberg, 2008) KFC has an open system and highly divisional organization. This, information flows from top to bottom




and vice versa. While, Mintzberg(G.Jones, 2010) proposed a model and Mintzberg suggested that middle manager mostly perform more than one task. Further, transferring precious data from operational core to CEO. Henceforth, with the help of techno-structure number of processes run smoothly and achieve goal of organization.

However, (according, organizational analysis writer, 2010) company cannot reach to certain specific strategic fits. IF the company has loopholes either in operations or in the process design. In the case of KFC, which is dealing with some serious issues which which had done a coleteral damage both intrinsic and extrinsically. For example, firstly obsolete software application for small SME. Secondly, less focus on becoming “Order Qualifier” and “Order winner”(Slack, 2008).

According to the (Krajewski L.J, et. al 2010) loose operational strategy and health safety issues leaving customers no option to attract towards rivals. In addition to this, as (Krajewski L.J et. al 2010). Further, the problems of KFC can be...
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