Effective and Ethical Leadership

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  • Published : September 13, 2010
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Throughout the evolution of modern business, leaders have strived to be effective and profitable. However, due to unprecedented business scandals throughout the past decade, strict adherence to the principles of business ethics has become more prominent and expansive than ever before. In light of scandalous and unethical business practices, as exuded by Enron and WorldCom for example, business leaders and governing agencies realize the importance of ethical behavior. Although there is not a clear cut or standard set of attributes that constitute an effective and ethical leader, there are several common aspects that can be identified. The most important attributes of an effective and ethical leader are trustworthiness and accountability. Employees must feel that they can trust their managers in any and every situation. Team members must believe that a manager has immaculate intentions for the well-being of the project and the team. Employees will work harder towards the goals of the organization as well as towards the goals of individual assignments if they feel that management is looking out for their best interests. Team members should not look at business management as an entity of oppression. Employees should be able to approach managers without intimidation or prejudice. In other words, workers should feel free to address concerns and express opinions. Experienced front line workers are more privy to minute details regarding the daily operations of the business. A worker that trusts his or her superior is more likely to express opinions and concerns that can enhance business activity or correct errors. Employees that trust the management of the organization will be more willing to work diligently towards the company’s goals. Employees that do not have a trustworthy management team can suffer from a reduction in morale. Overall, a lack of trust leads to a distant and less productive work environment. Page 3....
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