Operation Management

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MARKS: 80 COURSE: _______ SUBJECT: OPERATION MANAGEMENT N.B: 1} Attempt all the questions 2} All Questions Carries Equal Marks


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Case – 1 OM IN SNACKS Let’s say that you decided to go for some snacks with your friends. Among many options, you can go to a roadside thela (cart), a snack joint like are Udipi restaurant or some restaurant which serves many things including full meals, to name few of those choices. While enjoying the delicious snacks, observe the following from the point of view of understanding operations? • Where are they located? What kind of customers they intend to serve? • Do they serve you while you are standing or do they first seat you? How big is their seating capacity? • How do they take orders? • What is the process of communicating your orders to the others working in the outlet so that you can be served? • Are the items prepared after taking your order or are they already prepared? • Do they allow any customization in your order or is it one standard order? •Do they take large orders for, say, parties? • What parts of their processes are visible to you? • How do they handle any quality issues which might prop up? • Are employees doing skilled work? What kind of job allocation is visible to you? • What is the extent of automation? What work is being done manually? What is automated? • After completing your meals, what is the process of clearing the table? What could be to motivation behind designing such a process? Do the same kind of operational comparisons for different grocery stores, movie theaters. Car service centers, banks, etc., and see if their operational design gels with the kind of customers they want to serve.

Case – 2 ARVIND EYE CARE SYSTEM Dr. Govinda Venkataswamy (fondly called Dr. V) founded the Aravind Eye Hospitals in 1976 with an 11-bed facility in Madural, which performed all types of eye surgeries. Its goal was to offer quality care at reasonable cost. In 1978, a 70 bed free hospital was opened to provide the poor with quality care. In 2004, Aravind Eye Care System comprised Eye Care Facilities at Madural, Theni, Tirunelveli, Coimbatore and Pondicherry (Exhibit 1) and performed nearly 230,000 eye surgeries and handled 1,640,000 outpatient visits (Exhibit 2). It is recognized as the world’s most productive eye hospital handling the largest patient volume. Its website states that ‘with less than 1% of the country’s ophthalmic manpower, Aravind accounts for 5% of the ophthalmic surgeries performed nationwide”. Its mission has now become to “eradicate needless blindness by providing appropriate, compassionate and quality eye care for all”. Each day, across all five Aravind Eye Hospitals, about 4481 outpatient visits are handled, about 627 surgeries take place and about three camps are conducted. Currently, there are more than 20 million blind people in India and only over four million surgeries are performed every year. Over 75% of the blindness is due to cataract. Cataract is the clouding of the natural eye lens due to ageing or otherwise. There are two types of cataract surgeries: one in which the natural lens is removed and then• glasses are provided after three to four weeks, called intracapsular surgery (ICCE) and the other where after removing the natural lens, the intraocular lens inserted, called extra capsular surgery or ECCE. In ECCE, patients normally do not require corrective lenses after the surgery. ECCE is better and often preferred because the quality of the restored sight is distortion-free and near natural. However, ECCE is slightly expensive due to the cost of the intraocular lens. Talking to a Harvard Business School professor, Dr.V argued, “Tell me, can a cataract surgery be marketed like hamburgers? Don’t you call it social marketing or something? See, in America, McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts and Pizza Hut have all mastered the art of mass marketing,...
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