Online vs. Offline Bookings: The Upcoming Decade for Travel Agencies

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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Online versus offline bookings
The upcoming decade for travel agencies

The number of travel agents has declined sharply during the last decade. According to an article of RockCheetah (, viewed on 12 May 2013) 30 per cent of all travel agents have had to close down since 2000. The reason of the major decline seem clear. The internet is infinitely popular and beholds many advantages over the rather old fashioned travel agents. The online booking of holidays is preferred by many people because of several reasons. The best rates are just few clicks away while various organisations and tour operators are compared simultaneously. Moreover, no additional charges have to be paid to a travel agent. Complementary, cars and traffic jams are avoided because it is no longer necessary to get in the car. All can be arranged from the comfort of a own home. Questioned is whether travel agencies still have any purpose in today's society and if they will last for another decade.

Booking a trip online has considerable disadvantages. The internet is open for all to post anything on it. Companies often claim the best rates, accommodations, photos and reviews. There is a great possibility that this not reflects the truth and therefore comes across as deceiving. An overload of unreliable information is the result, which makes the search of a holiday much longer than intended. Kate Springer of TIME news feeds states that the average person spends more than two hours to search and book a trip online (www.time .com, viewed on 12 May 2013) The same article of TIME claims that the IBM Institute for Business Value 20 per cent of them took more than five hours to find the proper holiday. Besides, the freedom to post anything causes the internet to be a less safe place. Cybercriminals have many opportunities to create websites offering false products, to steal real money.

After listing all apparent advantages booking online trips, it might be slightly difficult...
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