Online Sytem Enrollment System

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Developing an online system requires a series of tests and revision to ensure that the system effectively works. To illustrate the development of the system, a simplified version of the spiral life-cycle model was used. The spiral model combines the iterative nature of rapid prototyping in which the researchers established an understanding of the system and its objectives as well as its functionality, ability to accommodate change, constraints, and other alternatives in achieving those objectives. In the specification phase, the researchers defined the system requirements, conducted cost analysis, and defined some theories and concepts such as the Patterned Recognition Approach and Negotiation Approach. Following the specification phase was the design phase in which the researchers made a blueprint of the system to make the implementation phase much easier. The implementation phase is the actual development of the system. After implementing the system, the post-delivery maintenance phase followed. The researchers distributed a copy of the system to the enrollment officers for them to test the functionality of the system. For any changed requirements, the specification phase up to the post-delivery maintenance phase was repeated. When all requirements were fully satisfied, the researchers proceeded to the retirement phase.

Figure 1. A Simplified Version of the Spiral Life – Cycle Model In the study, the researchers used the Data Flow Diagram, which is a diagrammatic representation of the information flows within a system showing how information enters the system and leaves the system, what changes the information and where information is stored. Data Flow Diagrams show the passage of data through the system by using 5 basic constructs: Data Flows, Processes, Data Stores, External Entities, and Physical Resources, [Kendall, 2005]. The diagram would easily show the processes that would be done by the system and the other elements or entities that are involved. Context Diagram

Figure 2. Context Diagram of the Current System
Old and new students need to fill up application forms like pre-enrollment form and will input validated ID and registration forms to the department enrollment officers. The current enrollment system needs those information to process the enrollment of the students. Then, the system will generate validated ID number and registration forms and will also generate the official enrollment form to the enrollees. On the administrator side, the current system will generate student master list of a specific schedule to the faculty assigned.

The Proposed System

Figure 3. Context Diagram of the Proposed System
New students need to sign up by filling out the personal information page with their unique ID number to be activated by the secretary. The system recognizes the valid user ID. The secretary can add grades of the students. Thus, the students can view their grades online. The proposed system evaluates the subjects previously taken by the students and generates a list of subjects that the students can enroll. After the students have selected the subjects to be enrolled, the proposed system shows the different schedules of each subject. Finally, the system generates the enrollment form that contains the financial statement and schedules of subject. The administrator can add curriculum, subjects, and schedules. He can also view the students’ profile and the list of students enrolled in every subject and in every department.

Project Design Description, Requirement, and Specifications
Process Narrative
The add function allows the administrator to enter a new record into the system. The administrator can add subjects, curriculum, department, enrollment officer per department, and subject schedules. The enrollment officer can add new entry of a student into the system, add student grades, and add faculty in the department. The inputted information is saved directly in the database. In special...
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