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Quirino High School was established in year 1955 and was started as an annex of Quezon City High School with the Head Teacher named Mrs. Sofia Javier, together with 4 mentors and with an enrolment of 200 students. The school was become independent in year 1958 with Mrs. Monicacia Dela Cruz as acting Principal, together with 20 Faculty members and 883 students.

The annex of Quirino High School now the Jose P. Laurel School in Project 4 was created to cope wit the marked increase of 2895 students in year 1965. The Officer in charge was Mrs. Eladia M. Yabut with 68 teachers. By the year 1971, the newly appointed Head Teacher in charge was Mrs. Consuelo D. Sison. It was the period of growth and expansion- improvement of the school. Also she introduced the 3 day scheme program which focused on the maximum use of time and academic. In year 1983 Mrs. Virginia Medel took over Mrs. Sison position. In this year there were eight classroom constructed and won as outstanding school paper and advisers too.

Mrs. Estinellie C. Chingcuanco took over as the principal and replaced by Dr. Soledad Dilao, the General Education Supervison in Matehematics and was awarded in yerar 1991 as “Ulirang Guro “. In 1993, general Education Supervisor in Research Dr. Teresita N. Turlabeacame became the Officed In-Charge. In her time the school got the Third Place in the “Search for the Cleanest and Most Beautiful School”. Quirino High School became the pioneer for SPED Secondary level during the time ?Dr. Ballesteros was replaced by Dr. Coazon D. Fontillas who manage the school for 1 year and 6 months. The Head Tacher in Filippino Mrs. Nora Espiritu took over the positon when Dr. Fontillas retired.

In year 2000 month of February Ms. Milagrosa A. Sn Juan was welcomed as the new Principal IV. During her term two computer laboratories was donated. She together with the staff created the new Mission and Vision of the school. Quality improvement of the QHS. Also she worked on the provision of a computer for each department and to further enriched info-tech through the Coke-Ed Venture Fit-Ed Program, first ever at QHS. Year 2000 Dr. Consolation C. Montanon became as the outlook, stage plans for accomplishments and project. The complete facilitation of the Full House. December 2006 Norma Malicdem Arao established rapport among the students, mentors, personnel’s and to the other employee of QHS. She prioritizes the needs of the students.

In year 2009 Dr. Alejandro Refemente took over the position of Norma M. Arao. He I is primarily the principal of Culiet High School. In Year 2011, Dr Alejandro Refamente replaced by Dr. Levita U. Romeo became the IV principal of QHS and former principal of New Era High School. She retired last May year 2011. Year 2012 , Congressman Jorge ‘Bolif” , Councilor Allan Reyes, Gian carlo and Jaime Borres , Captain Caloy, Dr. Levita U. Ramos, P.T.A officers, teachers students and Priest from St. Joseph Shrine attended the newly blessed Multi purpose covered court of Quirino High School.

This research attempted to identify the problem of manual enrollment system in Quirino High School. Base on the interview and survey result the researcher indentified that on the manual system that the school is presently using, information and records were not kept accordingly that causes lost of important papers and documents, hard to search and retrieve that causes misplace and no assurance of safety keeping. Another problem identified is when the entries of form in the student’s master lists are not updated, where some are complaining when records are incorrect if someone needs the documents. Some lists of classes were not produced immediately upon the start of the school year, that’s why it consumes hour or days to know what the student’s section. The researcher also found out that generating subject every student is on other side of department building that take time to walk that cause the...
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