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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Review of Related Literature and Studies

This chapter serves as a foundation for the proponents to pursue their research and at the same time a basis for ideas, concepts and modifications. Existing studies and literature enables the proponents to broadly understand their chosen field. Significant theories were included to give more enlightenment to the reason and purpose of the study. This chapter serves as an overview of the proposed system. It contains the different researches made for the proposed system. It includes literature and related studies. Related Literature

This is composed of discussions of facts and principles collected from local and foreign material that are directed to the present study. Foreign Literature. How online reservation software has simplified our day to day life. Authored by George published on May 12,2010, states that, “Hotel reservation software helps anyone reserve rooms at a hotel for an extended stay vacation, weekend getaway, or even on a one night trip. Instead of calling in ahead of time and reciting your credit card number over the phone, you are able to enter the required information on a secure website to ensure that your reservation is complete. Not only is it convenient to you, it is also convenient for the hotel staff because they do not have to worry about not receiving your monetary information or making a mistake in booking a room. All of the information is right in front of them from now on. The Online reservation system as mentioned previously is a secure way to book all of your reservation needs. Coupled with online reservation software and free booking system software. Your dreams of owning your very own bed and breakfast can finally come true. If that isn’t in the cards for you, perhaps a timeshare option will work out better for your customers.” In creating a system, you must have the knowledge in software engineering to be able to produce a successful program. As Sommerville (2009, p. 7)...
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