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First Philippine Republic
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República Filipina
Philippine Republic|
Unrecognized state|

| 1899–1901| →
Himno Nacional Filipina|
Location of Filipinas in Asia|
Capital| Malolos, Bulacan (Official) January 23,[1] 1899-March 29, 1899 San Isidro, Nueva Ecija March 29, 1899-May 9, 1899
Palanan, Isabela September 6, 1900-March 23, 1901|
Language(s)| Spanish|
Government| Republic|
Presidente de la República|
 - 1898-1901| Emilio Aguinaldo|
Presidente del Consejos de Gobierno|
 - 1898-1899| Apolinario Mabini|
 - 1899| Pedro A. Paterno|
Legislature| Asociación de representantes|
Historical era| Philippine Revolution|
 - Established| January 23[1] 1899|
 - Dissolved ¹| March 23, 1901|
 - 1898| 198,000 km2 (76,448 sq mi)|
 - 1898 est.| 8,000,000 |
     Density| 40.4 /km2  (104.6 /sq mi)|
Currency| Peso|
¹ Capture of Emilio Aguinaldo.|
The Philippine Republic (Spanish: República Filipina), more commonly known as the First Philippine Republic or the Malolos Republic was a short-lived insurgent revolutionary government in the Philippines. It was formally established with the proclamation of the Malolos Constitution on January 23, 1899 in Malolos, Bulacan,[1] and endured until the capture and surrender of Emilio Aguinaldo to the American forces on March 23, 1901 in Palanan, Isabela, which effectively dissolved the First Republic. The establishment of the Philippine Republic was the culmination of the Philippine Revolution against Spanish rule. Independence was declared on June 12, 1898.[2] A dictatorial government headed by Emilio Aguinaldo was proclaimed on 18 June, and replaced on 23 June by a revolutionary government, also headed by Aguinaldo.[3][4] The Malolos Congress convened on 15 September, and produced the Malolos Constitution.[5] That constitution was...
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