Online Examination System

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Chapter 1: Preliminary Investigation about Existing System


Modern technology has added a new ingredient to this mix the Internet. The Internet can be regarded as a cheaper and improved version of the self-education resources. Some people like to take exam in a classroom is traditional manual examination because they are happy to sit there and have the teacher tell them what to learn, and when they get stuck, they are happy that there is someone there to help them, and they enjoy the social environment while taking exam. The traditional approach to measuring a person's level of knowledge in a topic has been the examination. These days there is often more emphasis on "internal" assessments, which may consist of assignments and projects given out and then marked or assessed. However examinations remain a popular component of many assessments. Source: Phillip Dorrell (2006)

The author have noticed that most students wanting to acquire an admission into higher problems usually find it hard to achieve because those institutions make it a requirement to for the students to attain English certification which would verify that the students do speak and understand English. In order to help students acquire these scores, the author took it as a challenge to develop a test engine which would allow students to get the scores with ease.

Examinations have the advantages of confidence that a large number of students are all being assessed equally and reduced opportunity for cheating. Users can use the system for writing the test and know about the system functionality. An individual can make use of the system by login in and taking a test. The main aim of carrying out a preliminary investigation is to attain much knowledge about understanding of problem, defining the project scope and constraints, identifying the benefits, estimating the time.

1.2 Investigation on how online examinations are conducted

There is the need to investigate and examine how overall online examinations are conducted online in order to attain an in-depth information and knowledge of how it works, the tools used, requirements, how data is stored, its advantages and disadvantages when taking the examination, with regards to the author. First and foremost, security issue is most concerned when it comes to providing user information online because of the fact that it could be used by hackers for some other malicious activities, and the system could be under attack, for example, a user gaining access to the system and tempering with vital information. Source: Intoweb &, (2006) The user must be registered before he/she gains or attempts to take a test, the number of times a student access a test can be set, the login and logoff times per student or user is also available. The server requirement is an NT server or above, and the system runs on the web, the client requires any web browser on any operating system. Source: Intoweb &, (2006) The questions are categorized into types ranging from multiple choice questions which allows the student to choose from the provided options, numeric questions which allows the student to provide a numeric answer, matching which gives user the opportunity to match data in columns, hot spot questions which allows user to identify an area on the screen, free format questions which allows user to type an open ended answer, a test is compiled with questions from different topics. Online examinations allow for different difficulty levels, governed by a specific time limit stipulated by the system whereby the student is not allowed to attempt any question once the total time is achieved. Source: Intoweb &, (2006) The questions can also be in randomized form. So also, multimedia effects such as audio, video, graphics, animation can be included as part of a question and the stability of an examination is much efficient that the examination system is stable while setting...
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