Dttls Module 2

Topics: Assessment, Summative assessment, Formative assessment Pages: 5 (2036 words) Published: March 13, 2013
In my assignment I will explain what is assessment and how is used, evaluate assessment methods and process that I use in my teaching practise. How will the results of student’s work help me and the student to give and get the right guidance to achieve their goal in the set criteria and standard. There are many assessing methods, which are used to assess student’s skill, knowledge, understanding and ability. As Gray states ‘assessment is a process by which evidence of student achievement is obtained and judged.’ Gray et al. 2005:50 The assessment will identify not only the knowledge, but also areas for improvement and development. Possibly can identify that additional support will be required and appropriateness of the course for the student. Assessments also motivate and encourage the students. The initial assessment is process of finding out suitability of course for the student, prior knowledge of the student, areas for development and improvement. The initial assessment is usually carried out by interview. During interview the student is asked all sorts of questions but mainly to find out suitability for the course, but hobbies and student’s interests are also taken into count. Sometimes the student is asked to write short piece of writing about them- self’s or why they want to do the chosen course. The initial assessment is carried out in process of the enrolment. This assessment method is practical, valid, authentic and reliable. To reflect on this assessment method, I think it is very good way as students can ask questions about the course, qualification and after course guidance. Only one thing that should improve is the knowledge and ability of the staff. From my personal experience the interviewer not necessarily would be tutor and would not have the ability to perform the interview right. The students are also required to do diagnostic assessment. These assessments are carried out at the beginning of the course. As Cox and Harper 2000:75 states ‘diagnostic assessments are to determine the presence or absence of necessary skills or knowledge.’ What they are referring to is that every potential student must have basic knowledge of writing and reading to by accepted on course. As most of the course work is paper based, they must be able to write and read. These tests also concentrate on numeracy as on some courses numeracy is one of the requirements. The diagnostic test is completed during the beginning of the course, depends on the college enrolment protocols. In Barking and Dagenham College diagnostic tests are consists of on- line numeracy and literacy tests and take about an hour each. To reflect on this assessment method, I think the tests are too long and students click through the assessment without giving it any thought and the standard of the test are lower. The assessments are valid, authentic, transparent and fair. This assessment method is inclusive as all students on the course must carry out diagnostic assessment as tutor need to know what level the student work at. On the other side this assessment method is not practical as problems with computers can occur any time. The on- line tests are carried out by many students at the same time and the system can collapse. To improve this I think the tests should be shorter and without multiple choice as free hand writing allows the student to think about the answers and get creative. The assessment which is carried out during academic year to assess for learning is formative assessment. Formative assessment is formal or informal. ‘An informal assessment is a method of measuring an individual's performance by casually watching their behaviour or using other informal techniques.’ ‘A formal assessment is based on the results of standardized tests or other exams that are administered under regulated or controlled test-taking conditions. In the process of a formal assessment, data is collected on student performance on the test or tests to...
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