Online Enrollment System

Topics: Computer, Automation, Personal computer Pages: 12 (3047 words) Published: October 6, 2012

An Undergraduate Capstone Project Presented to the
Faculty members of Sorsogon State College
Bulan Campus
Bulan, Sorsogon

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the
Course IT 501 Capstone Project

Glenn F. Marchan

October 2012

Title: Online Automated Enrollment System of
A.G. Villaroya technical Foundation

Proponents: Glenn F. Marchan
Shiela G. Peňoso
Bryan L. Teston
Loren G. Gaton
Arlyn A. Apon

Date: October 2012

School: Sorsogon State College Bulan Campus
Bulan, Sorsogon


Modern technology grows rapidly now a days and even children know how to manipulate the uses of this computer technology. Computer is a programmable machine invented to perform certain tasks that human can use to do certain activities. As the technology continues to develop and improve, more and more of the routine activities of business and industries will be taken over automated system. Automation is used in numerous industries throughout the world. In many cases, specific applications of principles of automation have led to the new fields from manual system through computerization which can make their operation faster, more accurate, sophisticated and productive. In many institutions, the rapid face of technology has a great role in improving a higher and excellent level of education contributing a big part in the improvement of our society.

Today, Philippines are now adopting the power, intelligence and capabilities of information technology. In the area of information technology, some large organizations in the Philippines have successfully implemented different systems to further upgrade operational efficiency and productivity.

Enrollment is an exciting day for every student in elementary, high school, or colleges. It is the most expected activity after summer vacation.      But contrary to the expectations of the enrollees, enrollment has posed problems and hassles because it has become tedious and taxing. Sometimes the students’ leave it to their parents and other members of the family to enroll them. The unsystematic procedure of school during enrollment is now dreaded by them. Instead student enrollees have to stand and wait of finishing it in an hour or two, sometimes students are made to come back the next day or even after a week so that they can be officially enrolled.      All these have posed a problem which alarm this group of researchers and decided to pursue in resolving the enrollment problem by designing and implementing a system of enrollment which is computerized for smooth and less problematic flow of enrollment in the different curricular offering of Sorsogon State college Bulan Campus for high school.

  A quick and automated enrollment system process is the way the school can find an easier and better way to implement an enrollment system. The automation of the said system will be implemented through the use of equipments like computers and printers. Users can use these equipments in order for the work to be done faster and it can lessen the processing time because of fast accessing of grades.       The researchers will develop a system that can minimize the processing time in order to access records of the students quickly so that enrollment process will be much faster than usual. Enrollees will be more comfortable for the system that researchers will develop because of fast and consistent processing of schools enrollment system. Researchers of the system will be aware of the existing problems that enrollees and the school are experiencing in the past few years to develop a system that will provide a solution to their needs for them to be comfortable of what the propose system will provide.       Users or the facilitators of...
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