Online Education Is the Future

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  • Published : May 3, 2013
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Nowadays with the development of computer medium learning such as webcam, campus and other media teaching method, online education is not only convenient for learners and tutors but often more effective than traditional instruction. For me there are many benefits from studying online as the online education affords the student many unique benefits like flexibility, convenience and accessibility. Depending on the specific program, a student is able to complete assignments and even participate in lectures and class discussions on his or her own time. Moreover; Students learning in an online format also don’t have to worry about expenditure of time and money on a long commute to and from class, like they would if they chose to attend class on campus like traditional students. Moreover; online students receive the same degree as their campus counterparts. However, sometimes students can gain access to on-campus resources and departments more easily than traditional learners. In the same time, Students through online education may find it easier to get immediate feedback from a professor in class or by dropping by a professor’s office, club meeting, or off-campus location during unofficial office hours. While many online education universities encourage student-to-student collaboration online, student feedback can also be more valuable and gratifying coming from classroom settings, after hours study groups, spontaneous debates and general discussions fueled by a campus community. Although; distance learning programs can offer pay-as-you-go classes, and students benefit from remote learning that cuts down on gasoline costs, student housing and student dining costs, the online learner must be able to invest in appropriate technology and accessories that make online learning possible. Computers, speakers, video accessories and even mail-in course materials can add up. Also, certain required courses may not be offered online, especially if the school does not sponsor the...
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