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This 'Online Banking' Project is a model Internet Banking Site.This site enables the customers to perform the basic banking transactions by sitting at their office or at homes through PC or laptop. The customers can access the banks website for viewing their Account details and perform the transactions on account as per their requirements. With Internet Banking, the brick and mortar structure of the traditional banking gets converted into a click and portal model, thereby giving a concept of virtual banking a real shape. Thus today's banking is no longer confined to branches. E-banking facilitates banking transactions by customers round the clock globally. The primary aim of this software is to provide an improved design methodology, which envisages the future expansion, and modification, which is necessary for a core sector like banking. This necessitates the design to be expandable and modifiable and so a modular approach is used in developing the software. Anybody who is an Account holder in this bank can become a member of online banking. He has to fill a form with his personal details and Account Number. All transactions are carried out online by transferring from accounts in the same Bank. The software is meant to overcome the drawbacks of the manual system. The software has been developed using the most powerful and secure backend MS SQL Server 2003 and the most widely accepted web oriented as well as application oriented .Net Platform 2003 which is being deployed using MS Windows Server 2003. 2. PROBLEM DEFINITION

This system carries out account creation and transaction processing through internet that provides an entire range of banking services online. It contains mainly four modules namely account creation, transaction, interest calculation and reports. The first module is account creation for a new user. The account can be Savings account, Term (Fixed) account. The details of the customer and his account are being fed to the database through a registration form which is validated by the bank prior to addition to the database. Once the request is approved the user can remit the amount and open the account. The second module consists of the various transactions that the customer can carry out. The main transactions include deposit, withdrawal and money transfer. In this module bank administrator gives the user ID and password in order to perform online transactions. The user is also given the privilege to change his password which will be automatically updated to the database. Each account holder can deposit and withdraw money into the bank through this module. The withdrawal will be controlled by the rules of the account. The module also helps the account holders in transferring a particular sum of money from one particular account to another one through online facility. Here also, the amount transferred will be controlled by the rules of the account, i- ¦

The third module helps in calculating the interest due in the Term (Fixed) account, Savings account and NRI account of the account-holder. This interest amount can be either retrieved every month or will be added to his current balance. The'fourth module provides administrator to view all the details till to-date. It also contains money transaction details. The fifth module deals with all the alerts that the bank is providing and also the subscription and customization of the alerts as well The sixth module is the Bill pay, where all customers can pay their bill such as electricity, LIC, BSNL etc and customers can add the required billers to pay to. . The seventh module is all about encryption and decryption, with the most powerful RSA algorithm, because password encryption has very important role in banking transactions. 3. SYSTEM ANALYSIS

3.1 Introduction
During the analysis phase the existing system was studied. The data flow in the existing system was studied .As part of the analysis; various documents for...
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