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Week 3 Assignment

1. The occupation I researched was in the field of corrections. Finding specific information on this occupation using O*NET was not difficult at all. For this assignment I was provided with step-by-step instructions on how to get to the “ My Next Move” page where a person can type in keywords to research careers. At first glance the site can look intimidating but like any other site if you read the information provided the page will help guide you in the right direction. I feel that a person navigating through the site can still reach the locations they desire if they familiarize themselves with the page and once again, read the information given. As I began reading information I noticed that each heading or subtitle was followed with examples or descriptions on what to do or how to operate the function and I like how they incorporate links to reach the next page in the description as they guide you on where to go. They couldn’t make using the site any easier other than typing and doing the research for you. The page itself reads like a job analysis the way it defines and tells duties of a job. I was impressed by the information on the page in particular two areas, the heading under education where it tells you what kind of education is associated with the field of occupation and the heading under job outlook where it tells you average salary per your for that job but also allows a person quick access to view job opportunities in each state, view local job opportunities, and/or find a job throughout the U.S.

2. The correction officer occupation I am preparing for was not listed as part of my matching skills, on the opening page. But as I explored different links I found that my match was listed on those pages as related matches. In my opinion attaching fields that are closely related along with the initial search add value to the site by giving the researcher access to explore other occupations that the he or she may never have thought of...
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