One Way Is to Make English Language a Compulsory Subject

Topics: Education, English language, Second grade Pages: 2 (596 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Name: montha maleerat

Teacher: Jared (Room 2.6)

One way is to make English language a compulsory subject. In my school just as Mathematics, Science and other social subjects are taught English should also be introduced as proper course. All students from their very early education will be introduced to English. All students would be required to pass the English course before they can be promoted to the next grade. For example a grade one who is not able to pass grade one English course will not be promoted to grade 2. Similarly grade two student will not be promoted to grade three until he has passed the English course. The level of complexity and difficulty of English would be increased slowly and gradually each year so that when a student finishes his primary education he is able to read, write, and understand the Basic English. Communication and skills or could be improved by encouraging students to speak in English when in school rather than native language. The second way would be to teach all the subjects in English from the beginning instead of the local language. In Thailand currently all the subjects we mostly taught in the local language so that the students can grasp the ideas more quickly and easily. As a results the students became used to study everything in local language rather than English. If all the subjects are taught in English the students will learn the language more quickly and they will also be comfortable in using in the language later in their educational life when they study more advanced subjects in English. In short all schools should be made strictly English medium. From the two suggestions that I have made I think the second one will be more effective and feasible. I say that because if all the subjects we taught in English then it would be easy for students to adapt the language. If on the others hand there is only one cause of English language and the rest of the subjects we taught in local language then the students will...
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