Curriculum Development Paper

Topics: Second language acquisition, Vowel, English language Pages: 6 (958 words) Published: August 4, 2012
Development of curriculum content that implements strategies and methods that enhance Language Acquisition.

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a) Grade/developmental level

b) Education needs and rational

c) Theoretical perspective

d) Learning objectives

e) Content outline

f) Strategies and methods

g) Resources

h) Lesson plans

i) references

Grade/ developmental level

This paper develops a lesson plan for an Education Program on language acquisition. The target group is children in level 1 learning a new language. Learning a new language is one of the most difficult things and especially when an enabling curriculum is missing. The education program developed in this paper includes the strategies and methods, theoretical perspective, curriculum content and modifications.

Education needs and rational

In countries where English is taught as a second language, most people prefer indigenous languages. The recent concept of globalization seems to turn things around and make English even more strong than other languages according to Eapen (2011). The scenario is worrying when teaching of English starts at level one and obviously the teacher at that level is not properly equipped to handle the task. Developing a curriculum suitable for this situation hence becomes preliquisite.

The rate of second language acquisition in the world today is very high. Almost all the learners are eager to acquire another language other than the mother tongue. Second language learners need to be taught properly so that the acquisition becomes effective. From the forgoing, the learning needs for this target group are high though the element of interest creation could reduce them as portrayed by Roney (2009). The learners have to experience the target language if they are to graduate into qualified users.

Theoretical perspective

We are living in a world where most people are skeptical about the quality of education being offered to the children. In this regard, the language instructors have to use an approach that maintains quality and at the same time capture the interest of the learner. The purpose of this paper will be to analyze the theoretical constructs that establish a rational basis for implementing the strategies and methods that enhance language acquisition. A combination of four theories will be used. These include Linear, Holistic, Laissez Faire and Critical Theories.

Linear theorists believe in education efficiency at fiscal and empirical levels. This model borrows Fredrick Taylor’s scientific management in business. With modifications, Taylor’s ideas have been brought into school situation as shown by Miller (2011).

The Holistic view is that when a learner’s interest is maintained in a study, moving away from it becomes impossible. It’s the interest that drives the learning experience based on a balance between the teacher, learner and environment. The teacher uses the environment to capture the learner’s interest. Education experience is achieved by actively engaging the learner.

Laissez Faire comes in to provide and protect the learner’s freedom within the schooling context. This ensures that the learner does not rebel. Learning occurs when the learner feels to be the initiator.

Finally, Critical Theory brings in the element of possible hurdles or challenges in a classroom. The teacher will pose problems and make the learner give divergent views which could be used to solve the problem. By making the learner see them, the teacher adds the element of independence.

Learning objectives: By the end of the course, the learner should be able to:-

a) Read and write English words correctly.

b) Pronounce words correctly.

c) Listen and comprehend...
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