English Should Not Be Used as a Medium of Instruction in Higher Education

Topics: English language, Second language, India Pages: 4 (1293 words) Published: March 18, 2011
University of Calcutta, Calcutta (Seminar, held on 19th and 20th September, 1990) The medium of instruction at all stages should be the mother tongue of the learner and in special cases regional language. English should be used as a library language. Students should learn only mother tongue at the primary stage. At the secondary stage a foreign language, preferably English should be taught as the second language and another Indian language- classical or modern-may be offered as an optional subject. It should be clearly maintained in the language policy that English shall not remain as a medium of instruction and as a medium of public examinations. Shri R.N. Madhale, Principal, New English School & Junior College, Mahimangad, Tal. Man Distt. Satara, Maharashtra (9.11.1990) Primary and secondary education should be in the medium of mother tongue. The medium of instruction for higher education should be Hindi or English, or regional language. Learning of Hindi should be encouraged and regional languages should be taught only upto the middle level. 43

English should not be considered as a bad legacy of the colonial days. 'Nav Bharat Times', New Delhi, dated 12th September, 1990 (Editorial) The paper is silent about the place of English in the school system and also about the medium of Instruction for university and higher education. Hindi and regional languages should be the media of instruction at all levels of education. The Paper has not defined the medium of instruction for higher education. Sanskrit should be a compulsory subject. It should be included in the three-language formula. The Financial Express, New Delhi the 24th September, 1990 (Editorial) There just cannot be an education system common for rural and urban people, as each region has its own special features. Scheduled castes and tribes have to be dealt with in a different manner. 44 'The Statesman', New...
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