One Point Essay: Tobacco

Topics: Tobacco, Tobacco smoking, Nicotine Pages: 1 (250 words) Published: February 8, 2013
Topic: Tobacco

Intro: Every eight seconds, someone's life has been taken because of the exposure or usage of tobacco. One third of the world's population ingest tobacco, produced from very harmful ingredients made into different forms of drugs. Most common of these drugs are cigarettes. Smoking cigarettes is extremely harmful to everyone the smoke comes in contact with, and can ultimately lead to death.

Smoking cigarette allows the burning of compound chemicals, which release gases that is detrimental to the health of the smoker and everyone around them. Smoking is the number one cause or unpreventable death in the US. According to the American Lung Association, tobacco causes 400,000 deaths a year. In addition, second hand smoke is extremely dangerous to people of all ages, causing approximately 50,000 deaths a year.

There are over 600 ingredients in tobacco, which produce over 4000 chemicals. When used, these toxins enter the blood stream and the respiratory system causing serious health threats like lung cancers and heart diseases. Ultimately, with the continuous use of tobacco products after a long period of time,the user will eventually succumb to a debilitating disease.

Conclusion: Smoking Tobacco is extremely detrimental to your health and the people around you. The number of people who die from the use or exposure of tobacco will continue to multiply if people are not alarmed of the dangers of being in contact with this drug. Be aware of the dangers of tobacco.

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