Why Not to Smoke

Topics: Tobacco smoking, Cigarette, Hydrogen cyanide Pages: 3 (594 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Period 2
Dylan Fitzpatrick
Persuasive Essay

Do you know how many people die annually due to smoking cigarettes? Approximately 6 million and counting. Every 6½ seconds a current or former smoker dies. Do you want to join them? Smoking kills, and I encourage you to never try it. Remember, it only takes one cigarette to get addicted. 1 cigarette can ruin your life. Smoking can ruin your life.

It has to be one of the least healthiest things you can do. Smoking causes many different types of cancer and disease, such as lung cancer and heart disease, both can be fatal. To inspire cigarette smoke, even if inhaled by second-hand smoke (inhaling cigarette smoke from another person’s cigarette) can deteriorate your lungs. Smoking also causes loss of brain cells, which can be cause to serious injury later.

Smoking also makes you look repulsive, almost unbearable to look at, if you ask me. It stains your teeth and destroys the vocal chords in your throat. If you want to have a career in singing when you get older, smoking will do good at demolishing that chance for you. It also rapidly speeds the aging process. A fifty-three year old might look as if he/she is sixty, due to smoking.

What you choose to do to your body is your own decision, but those around don't have much of a choice. When you smoke a cigarette, the smoke floats around, being inhaled by everyone around you. There are nine main chemicals in cigarette smoke:

(Petrol Additive)
(Embalming Fluid)
(Toilet Cleaner)
(Nail Polish Remover)
Carbon Monoxide (CO)
(Car Exhaust Fumes)
(Rat Poison)
Hydrogen Cyanide
(Gas Chamber Poison)
All of the above are highly addictive, and none the less, lethal. Those who are inhaling YOUR cigarette smoke could easily die, prematurely, at your fault.

But this doesn't have to happen. You can avoid all of this easily. Just. Don't. Do it. Smoking harms those...
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