On the Influence of Mythology on Human

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  • Published : December 20, 2012
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On the Influence of Mythology on Human
Mythology provides us with creation stories that originate in efforts to explain human existence. But mythology is also specifically cultural, and historical. The classical myths of the Greeks and Romans, for example, were designed to explain human existence and always through heirarchies of family structures. These myths are complex and elaborate, with monsters, heroes and heroines, legends, and wars. Understanding mythology involves more than knowing the characters and their stories, but recognizing the ways these myths organized culture as well as the ways cultures organized their myths. And today, in our historically-minded world, knowing mythology provides our own cultures with renewed understandings. Key words: mythology, culture, influence,

The Greek and Romans of the ancient world worshiped a complicated collection of mythological gods. The multitude of stories that still exist about these heavenly figures give modern humans a glimpse at the belief system of their predecessors. The whole history of mankind, formation and prosperity of civilizations was the rule of myth, created by a man’s imagination. People were looking for questions answers they worried about. They tried to solve the University riddle, human being and life itself. In case reality didn’t answer, imagination was used to help. It was important through the whole mankind history and it remains the same nowadays. It would be better to emphasize the influence of myths on the primitive men life. There was no doubt as for the myths’ reality at that time. People perceived mythology as an objective reality and. Today we see myths as a writing work of some authors, but for a primitive it turned out to be his consciousness, his psychologic state, that at the same time represented outworld for him. After all it was a state of collective, mass culture that a primitive felt not alone but together with others. The...
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